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. we will tell you about the man police have in custody accused of attacking his roommate and we will give you an update. and it came from the u.s. postal service, it affects
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everybody directly who gets mail. and in sonoma county, police are on the scene of a deadly shooting. and ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning, thank you for joining us this wednesday morning, february 6th, i am pam cook. >> and let's check weather and traffic, steve is right here and he said you better check where your umbrella is. >> it is noticeably colder and there is some patchy fog and after this burns off it will be the wrong graphic. >> well, he just asked me when is the last time it rained and i was going to tell him, the 23rd of january. highs today will be in the 50s,
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here is sal. >> traffic does look good as you drive through, it is a nice looking drive -- i think my microphone fell off -- and traffic is moving well, let's go back to the desk. all right, sal, we will pick it up from there, time now 6:01, we are following a developing story this one is coming in from san jose. a man had to be rushed to the hospital after being stabbed. alex savage is outside the apartment building where this happened so what do you know and who did it, alex? >> reporter: well, dave, i can tell you i just got an update but it is unclear what sparked the violence this morning but police believe a man was stabbed by his roommate. the two of them live inside this house on the circle although the accident -- the attack happened close to a nearby park. i want to show you video we shot when we first arrived on
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scene. they have one man in custody and we are told he is the victim's roommate. the man who was stabbed was found a mile away bleeding on the street. police say he has non-life threatening wounds this morning. police are doing a full investigation and i asked the sergeant what kind of weapon was used in this attack. he could not get into any specifics and san jose police are sorting it out. one man is in custody in connection with this attack, a stabbing that happened early this morning and san jose police have quite a few details to sort. alex savage, ktvu channel 2 morning news. we have developing news this morning, the u.s. postal service plans on stopping the delivery of male on saturdays. they have scheduled a -- mail
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on saturdays coming up at 6:15 the one spot where the postal service says still remains a strong point where there will not be cut backs and we will have more on that later coming up. sheriff's deputies found the bodies of three men inside a home in forestville. claudine wong joins us from just outside the home with what investigators have revealed so far, claudine wong? >> reporter: police say there is only one way out of here and this is where it is. you can see the crime scene tape near forestville. the road winds down and you can see the headlights are on and we know there are a couple down there early this morning and if you keep on going, you can see the lights on in this case where the discovery was made yesterday afternoon. here is what we know so far, because police did speak late
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last night, they did not have a lot to say and we know a man and his girlfriend were trying to get hold of that man's brother and they ended upcoming out to this home and that's when they found the bodies of three men, the brother included shot to death in one room of the home. police would not reveal their identities when they spoke to the press last night but they did say it was not a random crime. >> there did not appear to be a struggle and they died of gunshot wounds. >> was it execution-style? >> i am not going to discuss. >> is it a pursue side? >> it's not -- is it a murder/suicide? >> it is not a murder/suicide. >> reporter: it is above a wooded area where this discovery was made. the other men did not live there but have a family member associated with that property. there is a couple that leads to
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the home and neighbors are saying the unknowing is quite unnerving. police out here say they know it was a very late night for them as they try to figure out what is going on. we are told the coroner will be able to confirm information and however this area does remain shut off and we are right next to a mobile crime scene unit and we will keep an eye on things when they -- keep an eye on things and when activity picks up we will bring you more information as it becomes available. an 8 magnitude earthquake triggered a tsunami and at least five people including a 10-year-old boy is known to be
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dead. also sirens went off in major cities and hundreds started evacuating major cities and moving to higher ground. the tsunami has since been canceled in the coliseum month island -- in the solomon islands. >> we are very eager to assist if the governor of solomon thinks australia can help. president barack obama will go to israel in the springtime and the u.s. ambassador to israel said he will be bringing an urgent peace making agenda with him. president barack obama has been criticized for not going to israel during his term but he did go there while he was running for president. a court date is set for the man accused of killing sierra
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lemar. antolin garcia-torres is expected to enter a plea during the proceedings. his dna was found on clothing belonging to sierra lemar's clothing. and antolin garcia-torres is also accused of attempting to kidnap three other went from grocery store parking lots back in 2009. the rebound in technology helps boost the increase in jobs. now there were 42,000 new jobs created in santa clara and san mateo counties as well as fremont, scott veilly and union -- scotts valley and union city. san francisco by the way created 18,000 jobs. >> sal, you are back with me now, aren't you? >> can you hear me now? >> we can hear you. >> my microphone is right here. >> the director came out and helped me. >> let's go out and take a
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look. >> we have so much fun here on the morning news don't we? let's take a look at the commute now, the traffic time in san francisco is still pretty good from 280 to the lower deck of the bay bridge than a three minute drive when things are going well and much more when it is not. down to the bay bridge toll plaza, that is getting thick but in the cash lanes it is spiking to 10 or 12 minutes and we are about five minutes away from them putting the metering lights on. as we mentioned, the peninsular traffic is moving along nicely although there is a little bit of slowing on 92 and up and over the hill. steve, it is not as foggy as it was yesterday. >> it's cold, no doubt 30s showing up near the coast so colder mornings some patchy fog and now that was the inland fog last time it was coastal fog
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and increasing clouds and rain develops not a lot but it will be colder windy friday and overnight lows possibly 20s and 30s coming back. lots of sunshine but you can see the temperatures, they have dropped off for many 40s to near 50s and you can find upper 30s. 42 fso and oakland was 50s yesterday. san jose is upper 30s and novato santa rosa upper 30s, napa, concord and some of that low cloud deck is moving around and once the fog burns off, things look good. it is mostly clear this morning and colder, breezy in some of the higher elevations then rain comes in, not a lot. the last time we had rain was january 23rd, so we sure could
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use some. today looks sunny and nice, temperatures in the 50s and 60s, calistoga is in there, brentwood, livermore, everybody is pretty close here. slightly warmer towards santa clara valley 59 san jose, 50s on the coast of that northwest wind, menlo park and mountain view will be closed, clouds roll in and colder with showers right along the coast or parallel to it on friday. it looks good on the weekend but breezy and cool. >> 6:10 is the time to coming up next dramatic pictures in a deadly accident in florida, a truck nearly tumbled off the side of a freeway overpass. >> this involves the police force in the bay area's biggest city. great white sharks could land a spot on the endangered species list, we will tell you more about why by olives are --
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s. welcome back time now 6:13, look at this, that box truck is dangling over an overpass, the crews were desperately trying to save two people inside that truck. the driver was rescued, rushed to a hospital, the second person was pinned inside the truck and was later found dead.
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three tow trucks were used to pull that truck back on to the overpass. back here a man is recovering after being shot in san francisco. it happened at 8:00 and the 37- year-old man was shot several times. he was rushed to the hospital and is expected to survive. still no word on the suspect or a possible motive. san jose police have opened contract talks with the city and they won't pay raises about 60% over the next three years. that would include restoring the 10% pay cuts they took to limit payoffs and the pay hike request comes amidst growing concerns about rising crime and a shrinking police force in san jose and fewer officers are due to lay offs, resignations and also retirements. new this morning, we are hearing later today president barack obama will announce his
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nomination to interior department secretary to replace ken salazar. he will reportedly replace sally jewel and she is the ceo of the company, r-e-i. we have developing news at this hour and the u.s. postal service will stop most mail delivery starting in august. as kyla campbell reports from our washington d.c. newsroom, officials expect us to save about $2 billion a year. kyla campbell? >> reporter: that is not enough to cut into the post office's deficit and they have lost $41 billion over the past few years. its packaged deliveries have increased 14% since 2010 and they are breaking a 100 year tradition to stop delivering first class mail but packages mail order prescriptions and
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express mail will still be delivered on saturdays and they have made several moves to save money. they have closed a number of post offices and shut down thousands more nationwide and slashed half of the nation's 26,000 post offices and it has trimmed its workforce by 3 5%. it is still unclear how the postal service will deliver without congressional approval. we will expect to hear details at their press conference in 45 minutes and i will have details in the next half hour. live in washington. kyla campbell ktvu channel 2 morning news. some members of the congress now want to limit the government's authorities to use unmanned drones to kill suspected terrorists. the justice department said it would be lawful, legal to target and kill even an american citizen if that person is believed to be a terrorist. san francisco police hope somebody can identify a suspect
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photographed by a home surveillance camera. it shows a man sneaking into at&t park and he went through the back door of a home, he took three mac book computers and some cash and an antique tool chest. it looks like firefighters will have a job for at least the last couple of years. he will not layoff firefighters and instead a federal grant will pay firefighters to stay on for two years. the city's fire department ran over budget by half a million dollars in the fiscal year. >> students and faculty will meet trying to save their school. they will loose their accreditation -- accreditation and staff and classes, they have already been cut. students and protesters
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professors will be joining a coalition for more protests. today steps will be taken to put great white sharks on the endangered species list. the population of white sharks in the area between mexico hawaii and alaska is now under 400. this could have a negative impact on the eagerco system of the ocean. the great -- of the ecosystem of the ocean. an exotic animal, we will tell you the trouble the 8-foot camel may have caused and how it escaped from its pen in the first place. let's check in with sal for a look at traffic. >> yes, we have traffic getting busier all over the place and i am just looking at my drive times and they are up
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unfortunately. if you are driving on 880, it will take you a bit of time to get to the bay bridge toll plaza and if you are here at the end of the line, there are no major problems and another eight minutes to get into san francisco. it is still less than a half hour to get across the bridge into san francisco. well, never mind. let's take a look at the san mateo bridge, westbound 92 as you head out, no problems on the traffic time there from san bruno to san mateo. 6:19 let's go to steve. we have colder lows some patchy clouds mainly inland, they are starting off 30s and 40s, this system will be here tomorrow for clouds and rain and we can use some. clear, patchy fog, clear to cold, sunshine breezy, nice, a little windy along the coast.
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it is already, pretty good gusts over there and yesterday it was 40s and 50s, but temperatures are noticeably cooler and they will get cooler towards the end of the week. temperatures are starting off by the end of the week and we are right about at the end of 60s. 67 degrees, take it to the south bay even along the coast, tomorrow it will be clouded up and then really cold air arrives on friday. the weekend looks sunny and it will be cold in the morning and breezy to windy. southwest, they are cutting prices but only for a few days. bargain hunters can confine flights for less than 50 bucks. that would include trips up to $150 but there are some restrictions you have to fly between april 3rd and june 8th
6:23 am
and you have until midnight tomorrow to make the reservation. disney is planning some more star wars movies and you probably heard but they are already in production. the new study said they will make the studio more than one stand alone movie and they will make less prominent characters between 2021 and 2051 and it is also scheduled to be in theaters in 2015. time now 6:21, six tourists were raped and the authorities are closing in on the suspects. we have new details of what happened and why one woman was spared. the announcement came just about an hour ago, some people are not happy, and the new token which is being added to monopoly and the one piece which is taken out.
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. time now 6:24 police have enough evidence for the rape of 6 women in act poolco. -- act poolco it was being rented by six spanish men and
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the men were tied up and the women were reportedly raped. the woman from mexico said she was spared because she was mexican. in an unusual story, a camel that twice escaped his pen will be examined by a vet. it ran loose on bailey road yesterday afternoon and it took a cowboy crew to get rudy into a trailer. the camel was reportedly hit by a mini-van. rudy escaped was rounded up and then broke loose again in the evening. >> i have never been around them, i have no idea, if it was cows or bulls, it would never happen but camels are stubborn. >> they believe thieves looking for metal may have taken some
6:28 am
of the metal on the pen which caused rudy to escape. this board game called monopoly voted on which of the tokens should be saved and the game maker asked fans to choose a new token. the winner for that, the other options was a robot and diamond ring and this is the first time they have asked the public what tokens to use in their game. good morning, we are looking in the south bay. it looks good from cupertino to downtown and it will increase as we get closer to 7:00. also looking at the sunole
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grade and it's getting thicker as you pass mission boulevard. let's go to steve. it does not seem to be sticking santa rosa, high in the 50s and we have a change in our forecast for tomorrow, but we will get to that in about ten minutes, dave, pam? the u.s. postal service announced a change in their delivery service and they are proposing cut backs to save money. a memorial is growing to remember a young girl found dead. her relatives and residents plan to honor her. plus the opening bell is just about to ring on wall street, pam has the early stock numbers. [ announcer 1 ] today's business travel challenge: redeeming a reward flight.
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the other airlines versus southwest. [ starter's airhorn ] these executives have earned reward flights... [ announcer 2 ] they just need to pick a date. those other airlines never make it easy. oh, that's a great day to fly. ahh! he just got the blackout knockout! but here's the southwest solution! every date is available and so is every seat! this executive can't lose! he's a champ with rapid rewards. business travelers win with southwest! . there it is, right on time, the opening bell in new york
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this morning and those are our friends from the bay area ringing the opening bell, big biotech company and they do a lot of human therapeutics and they are visiting the nasdaq so they are just waving. we have a lot of business news some stocks to watch coming up in business news. >> we will say good morning to you and the ktvu channel 2 morning news already the middle of the week february 6th, i am dave clark. >> and i am pam cook, we are continuing to follow developing news if you have not heard, the u.s. postal service is making a major announcement no more saturday mail delivery. they have scheduled a conference to make an official announcement about a plan aimed at saving $2 billion a year and they will no longer deliver
6:33 am
first class mail on saturday but they will continue to deliver packages. talking with the people in the bay area about the changes in the mail service and he will give us their reaction in just about 15 minutes. time now 6:31 we are continuing to look at coverage about a scene of a triple homicide. sheriff's deputies found the bodies of three men in a small house in forestville. claudine wong has been there since 4:30 this morning so what are investigators telling you this morning? >> reporter: it is quiet out here but we do expect more activity later today. i want to give you an idea of how close the neighbors are. this is the closest neighbor to the crime scene and you can see the neighbor there. you can see the driveway where this house is located and you can see the crime tape and we go all the way down the driveway and you can see the
6:34 am
headlights from sheriff's deputies and through the trees back where this happened so clearly, it is a very remote area and there are some reports where there was some commotion earlier in the day but they did not associate it with anything until this discovery was made. we understand a man was looking for his brother could not get hold of him for several hours and he came here to this property and that's when they found the bodies and called police. three men were found shot to death in the back bedroom of a home. police are not saying much except that it was not a random crime, it was not a murder/suicide. the man knew people who lived here and neighbors are obviously unnerved by what happened. >> the unknowing is unnerving. >> have there ever been any did youesque disturbances -- any
6:35 am
disturbances out here? >> this is a wonderful place. >> reporter: certainly from newscopter 2, -- news chopper 2, you can see how rural it is and as far as what is happening today, we were told there is going to be evidence gathering throughout the night and into this morning and we got out here between 4 and 4:30 and we had two sheriff's deputies watching the scene, there is a mobile crime scene unit on the property and otherwise it has been quiet. we have come and gone and have not been able to confirm it. it appears to be quiet and they may be waiting for first light to resume the investigation and we will let you know more as the scene develops. another local neighborhood is still in shock and fairfield police are expected to release more details on the unsolved
6:36 am
killing of a 13-year-old girl. there is new photos released by police ahead of today's press conference. kara? >> reporter: we along with members of the community are hoping for more information as to exactly what happened here but as you can see behind me, a couple of people have shown up at the memorial. they have blown out candles and relit ones that are growing out and we have messages of love and support. police have identified the 13- year-old victim. investigators also released photos saying the image on the right was captured last thursday just minutes before she was last seen. she lived with a foster city and was reported missing by her legal guardian early thursday evening. her naked body was found in a parking lot of a park. residents have been out here
6:37 am
paying their respects. >> i was shocked. it was disbelief because it was so close to home. she was so young and didn't deserve it. i felt sorry for her. >> reporter: now there was also a note at the memorial thanking everybody for their support and relatives asked us to share there will be a vigil to remember her. so far investigators have not confirmed how she died but neighbors and family said she was strangled. we do expect an update later today, for now live in fairfield ktvu channel 2 morning news. new this morning, one person is injured in a fire in san leandro. firefighters worked to put out the fire on neptune drive. crews knocked it out just about an hour ago, it started before 5:00 and one person was transported to the hospital to
6:38 am
be treated. authorities are still investigating how it is being treated. in palo alto, a frightening incident involved an 11-year- old girl. she tells police she was attacked while riding her bike and the man threatened to kidnap her. the girl screamed and managed to get away and the man did not follow her. here is a sketch of the suspect. he is described as a white man in his 30s and he has light colored hair and was wearing a puffy jacket at the time. senate democrats will support his second term agenda and they will meet in annapolis maryland. they will push budget issues and immigration reform and house members will hear from him at that retreat on thursday. several celebrities are heading to capitol hill and
6:39 am
they are joining over the debate over undercontrol. some celebrities will be calling on congress president barack obama to reduce gun violence including background checks and assault weapons. they are part of a coalition on a website, demand a plan. redwood city police are tightening security plans for schools as a result of what happened in newtown connecticut. they include daily visits to elementary school campuses. the police department will hold a full scale emergency drill which will simulate a shooter on school campus. they will finalize the security measures at a school board meeting just one week from today. an 8.0 earthquake stricted a tsunami in the south pacific in the solomon islands in
6:40 am
australia. hospital workers say more casualties are expected as they make their way to three more villages. more than three dozen after shocks have hit the area and they did trigger a tsunami warning in fee gee and new zeal land. weather agency said it was a small wave which did not merit a tsunami warning for the country and people were not being asked to leave coastal areas. it is san francisco's version of the scarlett lett. the plan that would require certain buildings to be earthquake safe and we will have more on what will happen if they don't. >> sal is back, everybody behaving on the roads now? >> we had a couple of collisions and we will update those. let's start off with interstate 880 which is busy but traffic is moving along relatively well and there is a little bit of
6:41 am
slow traffic on 880 northbound as you get to downtown oakland and there are some problems by the way if you are driving on the commute up to the bay bridge toll plaza. nothing major but when you get to the toll plaza, there is some slow traffic. i want to mention, there is some slow traffic on devil's slide. i am trying to figure out whether it is a head-on collision or not but the roadway is partially blocked on highway 101 on the way to pacifica. you may want to think about using 101 to 280 instead. just looking at my map, you can see traffic on 280 westbound is going to be slow getting out to the high-rise. let's go to steve. we have some colder lows this morning and we lost most of the cloud cover, north bay and also east bay. it's going to be a sunny day
6:42 am
tomorrow and it is the first rain since the 23rd of january so we could use it. today sunny breezy nice a little bit out of the northwest and once those low clouds burn off, one system moves out and that's the one from yesterday, even though it's not doing much, our system is right there and it is coming right down out of the north. 30s on the temperatures and 40s but we are noticeably cooler by 10 degrees in many locations. some of that low cloud deck is moving around and this is inland fog. yesterday we had coastal fog which has been wiped out and we had 30s and 40s. colder lows, it will be breezy with a him the of some low clouds and tomorrow we get some rain, not a lot. i think you will notice that colder air coming roaring in on friday. it will start tomorrow morning
6:43 am
in the north and by around noon or so, it will start to work its way over us. it kind of washes itself out and that will be late thursday into friday and the weekend looks good, it will be warm and the wind will be picking up. colder lows, breezy, and oh, man. three weeks of this cough, i tell you. 60s on the temperatures. i have a lot of company, 50s and 60s, 59 santa cruz. the weekend looks good and breezy and not very warm. 641, san francisco police will tell us about information about a little boy who vanished almost 30 years ago, we will tell you what he has learned about the kevin collins case. live in oakland where news of the postal service has affected the bay area.
6:44 am
we will talk to residence and see how this is affecting their lives coming up. we are getting a little bit of slow traffic in some of the key areas. drive times are up and we will update you straight ahead. mom, i invited justin over for lunch.
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low clouds, colder, we will end up with sunshine and mainly in the upper 5 ross. here -- 50s. here is a quick look at some of the top stories, police are investigating a stabbing that happened in south san jose. the victim was reportedly attacked by his roommate at a park where they lived. the roommate has been arrested. investigators are still at the scene of a triple homicide which happened in west sonoma county. the bodies of three men were found in a small house not far from highway 116. investigators say all three were tar getted and there is no danger -- targeted and there is no danger to the general public. in just about three minutes from now, the u.s. postal service will make an announcement about the u.s. postal service to end delivery on saturday as a way to cut
6:48 am
budgets, so what are people saying? were they surprised to hear this? >> reporter: no, the postal service has been talking about this for months and they have cut hours at certain locations but as you mentioned, in just about a few minutes the post master general will basically end saturday delivery service and at the same time continue package delivery on saturday as well, but the big question is, how will this affect your life essentially. they raised postage stamp prices again just a few days ago, and you know despite that, the postal service says these cuts are essentially needed and it will save the agency $2 billion but for some bay area residents they have mixed emotions and they say it does not initially affect them. >> it is disturbing to me because i thought it was a public service at first, i know
6:49 am
they have to respond to their employees and stuff, but i heard that the congress has something to say about that and i am hoping maybe it will turn around and they would reconsider it. >> i am disappointed because i don't think it makes any difference to people now days. -- now a days. most people sends e-mail and that's what is killing the postal service but as far as packages go, they are all about the same. >> most people agree they are using the internet to take care of bills and other daily activities. the cuts are not supposed to take affect until early this year. coming up on mornings on 2, we will tell you which companies those are and get more reaction from residents and how it may affect jobs as well. brian flores, ktvu channel 2 morning news. san francisco police will
6:50 am
hold a news conference to reveal new details in the kevin collins case. he is the 10-year-old boy who disappeared nearly 30 years ago. now we have learned that police showed family members a picture of the lead suspect in this case. he died five years ago. police first interviewed him just five days after kevin collins disappeared back in 1984. >> i am convinced that the investigation is going in the right direction. >> last week police dug up the concrete floor of this suspect just a few feet from where kevin collins was last seen. authorities rescued a young boy held captive for almost a week. one explosive device was inside
6:51 am
the bunker and the other was in a plastic pipe that negotiators were using to communicate with the suspect jimmy lee dykes. authorities used a camera to monitor the inside of the bunker and they went inside when they saw jimmy lee dykes with a gun. he was killed in a fire fight. they may soon require landlords to seismically retrofit buildings and those are buildings where the structures sit on top of the garage. there are 3,000 all over san francisco. now under this proposal, at least three stories high, they will have to happen until 2020 to update them. if they don't, the city may impose heavy fines and post signs saying, the buildings violate the earthquake's safety codes. back over to sal, you are keeping an eye on the east shore, it is getting busy now.
6:52 am
interstate 880 as you drive out to the mcarthur maze, you can see there are no major problems as the traffic is getting busier to the toll plaza as well and at the toll plaza, you will see a backup stretching from 10 to 12 minutes. upper and lower deck is still pretty good on the bridge. as you look, there is a report of a crash near devil's slight and watch out for some slowed traffic in this area. you may want to think about using 280 instead of highway one and now the san mateo bridge traffic has improved. let's go to steve. mostly clear although there is a little bit of fog coming around and although the national weather service in monterey said ham. -- wham.
6:53 am
generally it's clear and cooler and we are in between systems, we had coastal low clouds and this is inland fog. tomorrow a system will make it but it wills pack a lot of -- it will also pack a lot of cold air. in went protected areas we could see some upper 20s and ings are looking good, sunny breezy, cool some of that patchy fog is dry and then tomorrow for the first time since the 23rd of january when we get some rain, colder on friday, we could get some showers and that will be parallel to the coast as cold air comes in and it is coming back. today will be sunny and nice after a brisk morning upper 60s, coast bay, it will be within a couple of degrees of each other. rain starts in the north bay, this system is considerably
6:54 am
moving south and then we focus our attention coming in from the north. it will be sunny breezy and cool. markets are opened up in just about 20 minutes and we want to take a live look at the big board. dow jones industrial average down 22 points, and it follows a pretty good day where the s&p 500 started the day above 1,500 hanging on to that level at this point. now a local stock is up and it is covering quite a bit because it has lost ground recently and they and other have expected better than expected quarterly results and they are narrowing its losses. the number of women who are chief financial officers jumped 3 5% in the last year. there are now 35 women serving as ceos. and men are still the top financial officers of 90% of
6:55 am
the companies on that list. the warriors game, was it batch coaching or bad sportsmanship. look what happened after the coach told the team to intentionally foul the other team even though they were on the bad side of a blowout. and it happened in hawaii, they came a little closer than they would have liked to a whale, we will show you this extraordinary video. eed to mae a great first impression. call today to get u-verse high speed internet for as little as $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee. this is delicious. ♪ [ male announcer ] save the day in an instant. at&t. ♪
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. oh, my g-d. >> well, that was the wild ride for an arizona couple and a few friends canoeing off hawaii. they paddled a few hundred miles offshore looking for whales and they did not expect to see one this close. they say the whale did not appear to be injured and it did swim off. they are talking about safety at beaches following a particularly deadly winter. the national state park service will hold a press conference and discuss things like spotting dangerous waves, how to swim out of a rip current and what to do if your dog gets swept out to sea. did you see the warriors
6:59 am
last night? even though they were blown out he told the warrior's players to intentionally foul the houston rockets at the end of last night's game. he did not want them to break the record for three pointers. jeremy lynn, he made five of them and as they tie that record they blew out the warriors 140 to 109. sal, how is traffic now? it is affected by a crash in contra costa county down from concord to walnut creek and i want to move the cameras to devil's slide and the bay bridge toll plaza and traffic here is backed up for an 8 to 10 minute delay, let's go to steve. it will be colder but sunny after some of that fog burns off but we have a cold air mass coming up and we will have more on that coming up on mornings
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